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UFOs UFO In Indiana

Large Number Of UFOS In Indiana


On a weekly basis there are reports, that defy rational explanation, of lights, unusual shapes, forms, and booms that has drawn Much attention. Mufon (Mutual UFO Network) rates Indiana as one of the top places for reports.

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These positions are merely an approximation, and precision is certainly questionable. Obviously there isn’t any information for individuals who observe unusual events and only don’t report them. Many are only too occupied with all the intricacies of their lives to give a second thought to it. Many are desensitized and just don’t care; if it doesn’t directly affect them then just let it be and proceed. Many, however, don’t need to get considered as insane. You’ll find, and certainly there will continue to be, those abnormalities in the skies that’ll appear in a minute’s notice and slowly reveal their mysteries. Within the realof the paranormal it’s another test to the record of the unknown.


Some examples of the reports from 2012 to 2013:




On a summer night a couple was sitting within their pool in the backyard of the subdivision house. They saw an orange fireball going steadily east, and then joined by another that made its way due north. Finally, another appeared, and again went within the way. They all seemed to originate in the sky, and were quiet.

Report can be found here:

Occurred : 7/3/2012 22:20 (Entered as : 07/03/12 10:20)
Reported: 7/3/2012 8:00:29 PM 20:00
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Wanamaker, IN
Shape: Light
Duration:about 2 minutes

Indiana triangle orange lights ufo light robs


In the Autumn of 2012 a family was on its way home to Martinsville on State Road 37 when they observed nine to ten lights emitting from the west side of the highway. The lights initially seemed to take a shape resembling the Little Dipper, but the lights broke from the creation, going and hovering in strange directions as their vehicle drew closer. There is no sound connected with the lights. The family’s cell phone suddenly stopped functioning.

City Martinsville
Region Indiana
Country United States
Latitude 39.421532
Longitude -86.339537

My three sons, my mother, and I were coming home from walwart. We were heading east on old Morgantown road. We went around a curve and up a hill. As we reached the top of the hill we saw five lights in a slight v formation. We all commented on how low this apparent plane was. The lights appeared bright white as we approached. We drove forward about half a mile we directly in front of the object. The object was at the treeline and about 1000 ft away. The lights were now huge, orangish, red swirling spheres. They remained in the same formation, only now I could see clearly the shape of an object. The part I could see was saucer shaped. The lights were lights on this craft. I stopped the car, opener the door, and grabbed my camera phone. Before I could even touch the screen the lights went off and it was gone. I got into the car and everyone was yelling ” It was a UFO”. I went home which is about a five minute drive. We saw nothing else on the way home. I went into the house and looked out the south window and saw the object again to the south east. The were disappearing behind the treeline at a great distance. I would guess ten to twenty miles away


In October of 2012 a mum and daughter were on a walk and saw three bright nonflashing lights that appeared within the form of an isosceles triangle going northwest across the skies. The lights were red and white in color. They got the husband who also discovered the phenomena. The lights were too slow for a plane, though too quick for a blimp. The lights were low and turned southwest on a dime. Then they maneuvered a figure eight and continued their journey. The family reports multiple quiet planes suddenly patrolling the place that they found peculiar.


an odd item that drifted through the northeastern Indiana skies has left authorities in Huntington baffled.

Authorities Chip Olinger ended up being warming up his automobile December 26th when he reported seeing a circular thing within the heavens.

He radioed officers Greg Hedrick and Randy Hoover, who furthermore saw information technology.

All three say they observed the item go from the northwest, drift toward a church steeple, after that capture appropriate back north without a noise.

The meeting occurred at about 2:30 p.m. and lasted lower than a min.

The trio describe the item as regarding the measurement of the hot air balloon or perhaps a garden trampoline.

They say it was low enough into the heavens that Olinger thought it might crash into the steeple.


On November 15, 2012 a couple were walking through their backyard once they saw in the north sky two luminous gold orange “balls” hovering among the bright stars in a clear night sky. After about fifteen seconds the ball disappeared, followed by the top one seconds later. They had simply vanished. The husband immediately theorized flares, but no jets were in sight or sound. After a while a big jet did seem…heading north towards where the items had first appeared.


The Arbuckles saw a light display within the sky – - big bright moving items that looked to pulsate energy while letting the dogs out at 11: 30 at night. The instance was filmed by the wife. They admitted that had seen lights prior to the event.


In as they were making their way along the twisting Cartersburg Road from Danville to Plainfield mid November a chain of four to seven lights, apparently joined and equally spread apart, were seen by means of a adolescent daughter and mom. Interest was soon lost by the daughter but the mother continued to detect the lights for a duration of at least thirty seconds before the lights dissipated sequentially and evaporated.


In extreme southern Indiana in Harrison County a guy was driving home from work, December 31, 2012, on State Road 64 around 10:30 PM. He saw what was believed to become a flare ahead of him–about one hundred feet from the earth, totally round…a red glow surrounding it using a white centre. He managed to fire off two mobile phone photographs which turned out substandard. Starting at the base of the item, as he viewed the reddish glow peeled away and revolving around the centre until it reached the top. The shape then evolved into a candle shape. The item then took off and then appeared to drop, heading towards town of Crandall.



In Vermillion County, bordering the state of Illinois, resident Richard Bondira writes… Now these UFOs have really been within the night skies, every clear night since January 6, 2012, and are still flying within the brand new year…You wouldn’t believe the flying and light show these men put on for me within the early morning hours. They land within the field behind my house and move around!

Pay attention, hold your eye for the skies and take nothing for granted.

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