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ISON is approaching. Is the Earth going to be destroyed? Should we be preparing for catastrophe?

We must start to meditate and reach into our inner spirituality. It is there and only there where we will find the answers we seek. This can be done inside anywhere we choose, eyes open or closed. Or outside under what we used to think were stars, but will soon realize may be something totally different. Everything is alive. Stars are more than matter floating through space, the same with our planets. They are just as alive as you and me.
 The closer ISON gets the more I am being pulled from this consciousness into the next. Many things will change with us from here. Although I cannot say exactly what ISON is, and what it will bring, I can tell you that it is no comet. And therefore it will not crash into the earth.
The real question is what will the government do to keep this information from us?  Or should I say what haven’t they done? Subliminal messaging, chemicals in the air, food and water, miseducation, prescription drugs, and medical care. No worries friends. These UFO/orbs we are seeing worldwide are become more and more prevalent to us everyday, and with it the understanding of what the universe really is.  Unlocking our minds, and freeing it slowly of fears and limitations. We will know that we are an etrernal vortex of energy forever living in this plane of existence and many others coinciding together. That we truly can never be killed because our spirit, our energy, is immortal.
 Good news, we no longer have to wait until death to access this undestanding and power. It is already happening, a shift to higher consciousness. So let go of your fears, and trust that they have traveled across dimensions to guide us, not hurt us. To help us realize we are living in a fake world developed through the subconscious mind.  They government wants us to look for them for answers, to come begging for the truth so they can spread more lies. Instead let us look to each other and ourselves.The government want us to be broke, afraid, and dependent. Time to start doing what they don’t want us to do.-Paul Reno

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