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    Top 10 UFO-Indiana Videos

    UFOIndiana’s very own  top 10 videos.  We have been filming these orbs here in Indiana .   These videos have all been filmed by us (ufoindiana.com)....

  Welcome to UFO Indiana.  UFO Research & paranormal investigation team. UFO reports, videos and phenomenon is at an all time high and we want you to know    that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are many of us experiencing the same sightings every day. We have personally experienced some of    these strange events, so we know that without the proper support it can be hard to maintain one's search for the truth.
UFOIndiana is a place where you can be expressive about these ufos sightings, no matter how crazy the paranormal event might be.        Do not allow your fears to control your emotions. Don't shut out to it but instead engage in a group that is here to help and expand. 
     UFO Indiana specializes in all types of phenomenon including,not limited to, UFOs, UFO sightings, Paranormal occurrences,Light/Spirit Orbs, and contact with extra-terrestrial beings. It is time we brake free from the web of entangled lies, spun by people of control, for too long. Once this barrier is broken, our minds become free to grasp things that we used to ignore, or brush off with feeble  reasoning.